5 things you must know about online dating

There is no doubt that being single has its many advantages.

Some of the possible rewards of being single include that you are able to appreciate the solitude quiet moments, pursue your own interests/hobbies and learn how to revel in your own company. However, even with the numerous benefits associated with being single, sometimes it can be frustrating.

In such an instance, you may need to experience life with someone and hopefully build a worthwhile and long-lasting relationship. Finding and building a healthy and romantic relationship is better said than done. But, it is still possible to find and cultivate such a relationship.

A healthy relationship is based on good communication, honesty, support, mutual respect, trust and a sense of fondness among others. Of course,you have to find a way to overcome your obstacles to building a strong relationship. That is whether it is a confidence issue or you do not know how to create a long-lasting relationship.

Dating vs. Relationship

These are two different words that are usually confusing and therefore it is important that you have a sense of their different meanings. Are you dating or in a relationship? By you being in a relationship, it means that you are connected to each other by way of mutual commitment. It is important though to recognize the fact that sometimes the difference between dating and relationship is not always black and white.

There are various possible signs that can help you know if you are in a relationship. For example, you tend to show your real and raw behavior because you are confident that your partner will still be able to hang around. Moreover, integrating your love into your social life indicates that you are no longer dating but you are in a relationship.

Online Dating

There is no doubt that at present technology has greatly changed the process of dating. The use of technology has been necessitated by the need to make the process of finding love and dating as less frustrating and painless as possible. With online dating, you can search and find romance from the comfort of the home unlike with traditional dating.   Online dating has changed the way in which courtship works.

Being connected and being together has been made easier. While this is advantageous, it could also be the reason behind people nowadays getting in and out of relationships readily. Additionally, if you want to know anything about your girlfriend or boyfriend, information is readily available online especially on social media platforms like Facebook. Because of that, you do not have to ask him/her or find information from his/her friends or family.

Online dating has also made it possible to meet and interact with people from different parts of the world. With traditional dating, searching for a partner was majorly limited to within your area. If you are to find a partner in another area that would involve travel expenses that are always discouraging. In a way, you can say that online dating and the associated technology have made possible long-distance relationships.

Here are 5 things you must pay attention to:

1.Build a connection

Strive to build a connection that is genuine.  The dating game is usually nerve-wracking. It is normal to worry about various things including whether or not you will be liked by your date. To forge a great connection, you have to find a way to overcome your self-consciousness and nerves if you feel socially backward or shy. It is advised that you pay attention, be genuine, be curious, do not use your smartphone and avoid focusing on your internal thoughts.

For example, in the case of not using your smartphone, that is important as it allows you to know more about a person through nonverbal communication including expressions and subtle gestures. It is also important to make an effort to listen to what the other person has to say. Little things extracted from the conversation between you and your partner help in building a strong relationship. Remember things like the stories you have been told and the preferences of your partner.

2.Have fun

While matchmaking events, singles events, and online dating can be enjoyed by some people, to other people they feel like the high-pressure interviews for a job. The process of finding a lasting love does not have to have the same experience of finding the right career path. Do not just jump from one dating site to another or from one singles event to another. Consider your time of searching for a partner as an opportunity to participate in new and exciting events and expand social circle. By putting yourself in environments that are new and pursuing enjoyable activities, you are able to easily meet a person having values and interests that are similar to yours. You can volunteer for a political campaign/a favorite charity or sign up for art/cooking/dance classes.

3.Handle rejection gracefully

If you are in the business of looking for love, at some point you have to be open to the possibility of being rejected and know how to deal with rejection. Rejection is part of the normal process of dating and relationship. Therefore, you should not worry about it. Rejection handling is often less intimidating if you are honest not only with yourself but also with others and also you stay positive. For you to handle rejection gracefully, you have to avoid taking the rejection personally, learn from the experience and acknowledge your feelings, do not suppress them.

4.Be on the lookout for red flags

Every normal human being should desire a relationship that lasts, is healthy and is full of love. It is possible to identify a relationship that will not last and to identify that you have pay attention to how your partner makes you to feel and also trust your instincts. Reconsider the relationship when you strongly feel undervalued, ashamed or insecure. Major relationship red flags to be on the lookout for include;

·No desire to spend quality time together 

·When nonverbal communication is virtually non-existent 

·The relationship is drug and alcohol dependent  

·The relationship is fuelled exclusively by good sex 

5.Nurture new connection

For both of you to be able to take it to the next level after casual dating, both of you have to try their best to nurture the new connection. Building a healthy and long-lasting relationship is a journey. To nurture the relationship, you have to spend time together with your partner doing things that you both love. Furthermore, you also have to communicate with each other openly and be able to resolve any conflict without relying on degradation and humiliation.


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