Dating games

Can relationships actually be worked-on? Relationships are very fragile and sensitive and beyond a point no amount of “working on it” could actually work on the ground.

Relationships are about being happy, comfortable and secure. Once these above three main ingredients are available in a relationship, only then can it move the next level. Hence all the talk about dating games and other such tricks would remain only superficial unless the basics are addressed. This being said, the couples need to build on the intimacies and trust levels which they have been able to establish.

So we are sharing some tips which could perhaps move your date to the next higher levels after the basic requirements are in place.

Ask Some Basic Questions

There are some time tested questions which both the partners should ask each other. This is often considered to be an important start to dating games. This will help even strangers to know each other better and perhaps establish a connection. Questions cover almost every aspect of each other’s life and could be connected with their upbringing, their educational levels, and their accomplishments so far, their worst and best memories amongst others. It could also touch some intimate aspects of sex which certainly has an important role to play in any relationship.

Give Importance To Sex

It would be naïve to expect a relationship to flourish beyond a certain point unless there is an acceptance that sex has a role to play. Therefore after the first few meets when the ice has been broken, it is important that both the man and the woman sit down and start talking serious about sex. It could be in the form of a questionnaire and this should be done in a spirit of give and take. Though such a questionnaire may not be necessary, it could help when you do not know what exactly to ask because sex has different aspects to it. Such frank exchange of opinions and thoughts will certainly help a lot. It will ensure that the intimacy levels stay increased quite a bit. It is one of the most wonderful dating games that can be done discreetly without causing too much of discomfiture.

Try To Get Physical

Yes, intimacy is built by physical touch and this is an obvious part of any relationship between man and woman. However, going physical has to be done carefully and it should not be rushed through. It must come naturally. When we look at some proven dating tips and games, it is quite obvious that touch and physical intimacy has a big role to play in strengthening bonds of relationships. It all could start with holding of hands and then move to the next level.

Hugging and getting to feel each other’s warm breath could also be a great way forward in moving your dating experience to the next higher level.

Eyes Can Talk A Lot

Finally gazing into each other’s eyes is also something that could bring a lot of meaning and intimacy to relationships. Eyes can talk a lot without talking anything. This is a common approach which can be used when it comes to perfecting dating games.


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