Home Date

Now going on a home date is becoming popular. Going on a home date isn’t the best for a first date, but those in a committed relationship or married could enjoy it. A home date is more than just staying home. This is more than sitting on the couch like every night and watching TV.

A special someone requires a special date. You want to save money though. You still want to have an enjoyable date without spending tons of money.


Consider decorating your home. It might be candles on the dinner table or throughout the house. You might consider putting celebration decorations up. One may be not be prepared for it thinking it is a difficult task, but it can make it a special atmosphere. It’s easy as it is different than every day it will be special. When you are looking to invest your emotions, it is best to do it well.  You don’t need to let your special someone know you are planning a home date. Surprise them when they return home to see you have decorated.

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Adding aromatic candles, dim lights and soft music and not only be romantic, but the privacy of the home can help you unwind in private. A home date can be special as most people tend to go out so a little different way of enjoying each other’s company can be an interesting experience.  They know it is date night, but this is a special surprise to know a special even is planned but without the trouble of leaving the house or apartment.

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Music and diner

If you are going for a romantic date night, you might consider playing special music and perhaps spending some time dancing. Dinner can be something extra special. It can be a meal that is unusual from the regular menu. You can fix it to make it extra special, or you could get fancy carry out to serve. Maybe just make a special dessert, or that could be the element that is purchased.

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Planing something special 

Get a movie projector and have a moving night that is a little different and special. Maybe you want to do some star gazing. You could rent a telescope if you don’t have one and have a dinner picnic outside. Perhaps you want to have a game night as part of your special home date night. A home date is only limited to your imagination. You can make it as colorful as you may want and make it as epic as long as you can afford to. Consider your home date as well when it comes to the cleanup. It might be worth it to go all out, but you might want to consider the fun is more important than the cleanup. Also if you overdo the home date, then it won’t feel as special. Sometimes you can work as a couple to plan this special date!

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