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Most people who plan to get married think they are a great partner, but to have a lifetime of true compatibility, is very rare, even among couples who seem to have an excellent relationship.  If you are seeking advice or a way to get started, here are some suggestions that may seem overly simplistic, but you’ll be surprised at how few people regularly apply them. Some of them may seem unusual, but because most of our relationships do not work so well, you may find them useful.

Love quotes

These are like radio greetings, text messages on your mobile phone and personal letters. Love quotes help to convey a message that is difficult to express in your own words. It helps to better a relationship or helps to inflame old feelings. It has more positivism than you can imagine. Love quotes convey the true emotions of love in a more cheerful tone. It still arouses the same passion to people who are just starting a relationship or begin to transmit feelings of love to another person. It will be difficult to tell someone who barely knows the words: “I love you,” but a charming quotation will send you a message that you are starting to like this person. Cute love quotes can also be everyday messages that the couple will send to each other to spice up the day, especially when stress comes from work.

Be realistic

It’s good to yearn for experience in love and romance and even a fantasy of the ideal relationship. However, it is better to let every possible relationship develop naturally and be what it should be. Try not to project your wishes and expectations.

Do not look for someone who will satisfy your every need or expect it from a partner

very person you engage with has various problems and lessons, often unknown at the beginning. Guided by the right direction, you can see your potential matches from the beginning. Do not expect your partner to be mental, physically, emotionally and spiritually for you all the time, because they may not be able to do so and it is not your right to demand it. Developing friendships outside of relationships and independence will help to solve this common problem.

Try to enjoy yourself without any expectations

If you feel insecure doing so without “commitment,” you can reconsider why, if your reasons are still valid, and how you can overcome your fears.

Do as much as possible to overcome your relationship problems

Cute love quotes can also be everyday messages that the couple will send to each other to spice up the day, especially when stress comes from work. Still accept that most relationships are not going to last a lifetime, as evidenced by our long-term arrangements, high divorce rates and crowds that are unfortunately unhappy.

If you insist on marriage, make sure you share  mutual chemistry

Waiting at least a few years before marriage is a good idea to make sure you do not mistake compatibility, including a romantic illusion. Comprehensive numerology, astrology analysis with an experienced doctor are great tools for defining levels of compatibility.

If you are already married, and both of you are happy, you should feel very grateful

In case both or one of you are unhappy, consider to explore ways to improve your relationship such as therapy. Accepting each other in the state in which it is now (not as you think it should be) will be bad. If you have done everything possible and you feel that it is time to move on, this may be the case.

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